Big Feed (Pvt.) Ltd.

Big Feed
This company was incorporated in June 1992. Since its inception, the Big Bird group was facing the problem of availability of good poultry feed from the market. It started its own feed mixing operation after taking a feed mill on lease in 1989 and feed for the entire group was produced under own supervision. Due to excellent results and considering the need of poultry growers; the group’s management decided to set up its own manufacturing unit so that quality feed at competitive price could be supplied in the market. Availability of poultry feed is one of the most significant obstacles
in increasing the poultry production and achieving international standards. According to Hubbard standard, a six weeks old broiler should weigh 2.2 kg., but due to poor quality feed the broiler weighs much lower. Poultry feed of good quality could result in an increase of poultry meat by about 40% without any other major change in broiler farming. Big Feed’s operation was started keeping in view this fact therefore; high grade ingredients are used in manufacturing of feed. Due to its strict adherence to quality, the Group receives premium prices for its day old broilers and day old parent chicks as well as for the feed produced.