Grand Parent Poultry (Pvt.) Limited

Grand Parent Poultry
The company was incorporated in 1989. It comprises of Grand Parent poultry breeding farms and hatchery to produce day old Hubbard parent stock. The Grand Parent operations are being conducted in collaboration with and under supervision of Hubbard who are the World leader in production of parent stock for poultry meat broilers. Hubbard Grand Parent flocks were entrusted to the Big Bird Group in acknowledgment of the high standards maintained by it.
The production standard of G.P.P. Pakistan operations are compared by Hubbard with its operation in Europe and America and considered to be one of the best at the international poultry fairs at Atlanta, USA. Currently GPP is catering to about 60% of the total demand of Pakistan Poultry market for broilers and it is recognized as a symbol of excellence in poultry standards of Pakistan.